Hamas says it built tunnel into Israel

Military wing of the Gaza-based movement says it intended to use underground route to kidnap Israeli soldiers.

    Hamas says it built tunnel into Israel
    Israeli troops uncovered a tunnel running from Gaza 450 metres into Israel [Reuters]

    The military wing of Gaza's ruling Hamas movement has said it built a tunnel found by Israelis beneath the heavily fortified Israel-Gaza frontier.

    "This tunnel was made by the hand of the fighters of (Izzadine) al-Qassam and they will not sleep in their efforts to hit the occupation and kidnap soldiers," the group's spokesman Abu Obeida told Hamas's al-Aqsa radio.

    "We are working on the ground and under the ground to release the prisoners [held by Israel]," he said.

    "Kidnapping soldiers is the only way to succeed against the occupation."

    Israeli officials last Sunday said troops had uncovered a tunnel running from Gaza 450m into Israel. Israel banned imports of construction material into Gaza on its discovery.

    In June 2006 a group of Hamas and other fighters moved into Israel through a cross-border tunnel, kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit and took their prisoner back to Gaza the same way.

    He was released on October 18, 2011 in exchange for 1,027 Palestinians held in Israeli prisons.

    The trade was feted by Hamas as "an historic victory."

    On Friday the Israeli army sent Palestinians in the Gaza Strip phone and text messages accusing the movement of putting its money into tunnelling projects rather than education and welfare for civilians.

    "Know that Hamas is spending millions of dollars on tunnels used for hostile and terrorist acts against the state of Israel," the messages said.

    "This money should have gone to infrastructure, education and health projects."

    SOURCE: Agencies


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