Israeli justice ministry rule draws flak

Rights lawyers say new regulation will make it tough for Palestinians and migrants to file cases in Israeli courts.

    Israeli justice ministry rule draws flak
    Justice ministry says the amendment requiring inclusion of identification number is 'only technical' [Reuters]

    Human rights lawyers say Israel's justice ministry is making it tough for Palestinians and migrants to file cases in an Israeli court.

    Under an amended regulation taking effect September 1, petitioners must include their Israeli identification number or a foreign passport number.

    Critics say this would in effect bar Palestinians or stateless individuals without passports from filing suit in Israel.

    The justice ministry says the amendment is "only technical", because regulations already require submission of an identification number.

    But human rights lawyer Sari Bashi of the Gisha organisation said on Tuesday the amendment would prevent court personnel from accepting alternative forms of identification currently taken by the courts.

    She said that could put the courts off limits to Palestinians, migrants and others who cannot supply the needed type of ID.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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