Sharqiya residents react to Mubarak verdict

Reactions from residents of the Nile Delta governorate of Sharqiya to former president Hosni Mubarak's verdict.

    Yahya Abdullah, shopkeeper and Shafiq supporter

    Every hour of this life sentence will be too harsh. The man has pros and cons, sure, but since I am an old man myself, I know that he has a lot of pros.

    Nobody can deny this. He should have had no verdict; he should have gone free.

    He has his achievements. The countries of this world respect him. This man should have received an award. He's an old man, sick, and accomplished… everyone on earth can be wrong or right, can make mistakes. We all make mistakes.

    He didn't take a penny from Egypt, and the court proved that. Alaa, what did he do?

    The verdict they gave Mubarak and al-Adly, it was half to please the people, and half for their negligence.

    Abu Omar, grocer:

    Abu Omar (rear, right) and Said al-Nahan (second from left)

    He should have been beheaded. It's unjust. They should have killed him.

    We wanted him hanged, and his aides should have received ten years in prison, and the sons as well.

    It's ridiculous: How come Adly was convicted and the aides were acquitted?

    And the judge should have read the verdict directly, instead of delivering a speech.

    The protesters in Tahrir have every right to go back. Imagine if it was your son, or your brother, who was killed.

    Said al-Nahan, teacher

    A child in Libya is better than the men in Egypt, because they really got rid of their rulers.

    Tantawi and the SCAF, they are playing us like puppets. They're manipulating people and their moods.

    Yahya Abdelaziz, shop owner

    I trust the Egyptian judges. Whatever the Egyptian judge rules, the people must agree with them.

    We totally trust our judicial system. The whole people know that we have a decent judicial system, and we even support the judge in his verdict.

    Mahmoud Mohammed Mahmoud, fruit seller

    The verdict is unjust! He deserved better than this.

    He served the country for thirty years, and every regime has pros and cons. The bottom line is that Mubarak served the country.

    The last ten years things went wrong, but that was because of his wife, and his children, because of Gamal and Alaa. They were corrupt. Mubarak did not take anything from this country.

    It suffices that he kept us safe for 30 years. That is what we expect the president to do.

    Samir Saber, engineer

    I'm not happy with it. It's unfair. People got killed, and a life sentence was given to someone who will die soon anyway.

    And Gamal and Alaa can't be not guilty. They used their power to amass a lot of money.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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