Israeli air strike kills Gaza fighter

Islamic Jihad member killed after a rocket fired from an Israeli drone hit a car in central Gaza.

    This week's Israeli air strikes have killed two Palestinians and injured a father and his two sons [AFP]

    An Israeli air strike on a vehicle in central Gaza Strip has killed one Palestinian.

    A rocket from an Israeli drone hit a car in the Deir al-Balah district of the Hamas-ruled territory on Wednesday, killing a man, Al Jazeera's Nicole Johnston reported from Gaza.

    Al Jazeera's sources have identified the victim as a member of the Islamic Jihad, a Palestinian fighter group, Johnston said.

    The Israeli military said it was checking the report.

    Wednesday's strike came after a rocket fired from Gaza landed in Israel's southern Negev desert earlier during day. There were reports of casualties in the rocket attack.

    Unrelenting violence

    Wednesday's Israeli attack is the third consecutive air strike on Gaza this week despite a recent ceasefire.

    The truce came after a round of violence erupted on August 18.

    On Monday, Israeli warplanes bombed a suspected weapons manufacturing site in central Gaza and on Tuesday, an air strike killed a fighter in the city of Khan Yunis.

    The fighter was a member of the Popular Resistance Committees, an armed faction that often operates independently of Hamas.

    In three days, Israeli air strikes have killed two Palestinian fighters and wounded a father and his two sons.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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