Citizen videos: Syrian uprising, Page 3

Comprehensive showcase of video capturing the protests that have rocked Syria since March.

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    April 19 - Damascus

    About 150 of medical students in white coats hold up a banner demanding freedom and human rights at the University of Damascus. Around 30 students were beaten by hundreds of students from the Students' Union, which is run by the Baath Party, with batons and belts and at least three of them had to be hospitalised.


    Student protesters marching, calling on Bashar Al Assad to step down.

    More of the same protest.

    Moments before the students, who had anticipated they would be treated respectfully behind the confines of a university wall, were beaten up.

    Student protesters outside the university are harassed and chased away.

    April 19 - Latakia

    Syrian troops open fire on a group of protesters in Latakia, killing numerous people. Many Alawites in the city have reportedly joined anti-government demonstrations.

    People drag the body of a protester hastily away from ongoing gunfire.

    April 19 - Deraa

    Tens of thousands of protesters in the main square of Deraa.

    At the same protest, a woman speaks in honour of demonstrators killed across the country.

    April 19 - Homs   

    Pro-government gunmen celebrate after opening fire and dispersing massive protest. It contradicts government claims that armed Salafi groups are behind attacks.

    April 18 - Homs   

    Demonstrators are shot at by police while carrying an already shot protester.


    April 18 - Homs

    Tens of thousands of protesters marched through Homs, Syria's third largest city, calling for the downfall of the regime. Protests came a day after 30 peaceful demonstrators were killed by security forces in the city.

    Tens of thousands of demonstrators camped in the main square of Homs.

    Later at ">dusk.

    More protesting in the main square.

    A high view of tens of thousands of protesters.

    A mass prayer in the main square.

    At around 2:15 am, after giving protesters in Homs the ultimatum that they had until 2:30 am to disperse, security forces opened fire on demonstrators, killing at least one and wounding a number of others.

    More gunfire footage.


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    April 18 - Damascus

    Hundreds of protesters, including a large group of women, marched in ">Damascus, calling for the collapse of the regime.

    April 18 - Latakia

    Hundreds march against the government in the city until night time.

    At night.

    April 17 -Talbiseh

     In the city of Talbiseh, Syrian police opened fire on peaceful protesters while they try to avoid being shot by laying on the ground.

    April 17 - Aleppo

    A large group gathered in Aleppo, Syria's second city, criticising the government and calling for "democracy".

    April 17

    A large group of ethnic Kurds in Syria call for democracy in solidarity with other Syrian protesters. They hold up signs saying "the Kurdish people and Arab people are brothers".

    April 17 - Homs

    Thousands mourn the death of a protester in Homs. Many call for the "collapse of the regime".

    April 16 - Deraa

    Thousands march through the streets of Deraa carrying lighted lanterns in an anti-government protest.

    Close-up of the protests.


    April 16 - Al-Rastan

    Hafez al-assad statue is destroyed in the city of Al-Rastan.

    April 16 - Deraa

    Another statue of Hafez al-Assad was destroyed in Deraa.

    April 16 - Deraa

    Protesters are dressed in long white clothes - with painted words including "freedom" and names of other Syrian cities where protesters have been killed.

    April 15 - Damascus

    Thousands of protesters from Harista district merged with protesters marching from Douma district. The videos below are exlusively obtained Al Jazeera material.


    In the same protest, demonstrators destroyed a poster of Bashar al-Assad before marching to the districts of Orbin and then Zamlka.

    April 15 - Baida

    Syrian troops beat handcuffed protesters in Baida, near the city of Baniyas.


    April 10

    What appears to have been a peaceful protest turns into a massacre in Al Sanameen, a town near Damascus.

     April 9

    Security forces severely beat an unarmed protester lying on the ground with batons.

     April 3

    Syrian police hit an already injured protester with batons before dragging him down the street.


     April 2 - Alsnumein

    Syrian troops killed peaceful protesters in Alsnumein.

     April 1 - Deraa

    Pro-government snipers fire on protesters in Deraa.

     March 23

    Syrian secret police stop their cars in the middle of the street and arrest several people.


     March 20

    Syrian plainclothed police attack and arrest a female protester.

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    SOURCE: Al Jazeera & agencies


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