Fisk: New world in Middle East

Veteran journalist analyses prospects for peace in the Middle East.

    Robert Fisk, author and correspondent for the UK's Independent newspaper, speaks to Al Jazeera on the prospects for Palestinian-Israeli peace following Binyamin Netanyahu's rejection of any settlement based on the 1967 borders.

    Fisk has for many years travelled and witnessed at first hand the situation unfolding in the Middle East.

    While Netanyahu and US president Barack Obama have ruled out negotiations with any Palestinian administration including Hamas, Fisk says Israel's past record means nothing should be taken for granted.

    "I remember the Israelis, in the eighties, saying over and over again, 'We will never talk to the PLO terrorists of Yasser Arafat' - and they did, behind the Americans' backs," says Fisk.

    "And if the Israelis decide it's worth talking to Hamas, they will, behind the Americans' backs."

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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