Deadly blast hits Iraq bank

At least nine killed in suicide attack that targeted people queueing up to collect salaries in city of Haditha.

    At least nine people are reported killed in a suicide attack in the Iraqi city of Haditha.

    Thirteen people were also injured in the bomb blast at a branch of the state-owned Rafidain bank on Thursday, medical and security sources told the Reuters news agency.

    The bombing happened as people were queueing to collect their salaries, said police officer Ali al-Ubaidi.

    "There was a group of Iraqi army soldiers standing in front of the bank to collect their salaries when a suicide bomber wearing a vest came in between them and blew himself up," he said. 

    At least six of the dead were soldiers, Reuters reported.

    Waleed al-Hadithi, manager of the general hospital in Haditha, said he expected the death toll to rise. 

    Haditha is 190km northwest of Baghdad, the Iraqi capital.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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