Iraqi commander assassinated

Armed men shoot Ihsan Sadek, a lieutenant-colonel who oversaw Baghdad's checkpoints.

    The Baghdad Operations Centre, which oversees the city's checkpoints, lost its commander in Saturday's attack [EPA]

    Assailants have killed Iraq's highest-ranking soldier in an attack in the country's capital.

    An armed group pulled up next to the car of Ihsan Sadek, a lieutenant-colonel, in eastern Baghdad on Saturday and shot him using weapons equipped with silencers.

    Sadek later died in hospital due to his injuries.

    He had been the director of the Baghdad Operations Centre, which oversees the city's checkpoints.

    In a separate attack, a police commissioner was shot dead in eastern Baghdad on Saturday.

    The deaths came three days after suicide bombers attacked a police headquarters in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, killing the commander and three other officers.

    Assailants frequently target Iraq's security forces as US troops prepare to leave by the end of 2011.

    These attacks are believed to be intended to undermine Iraqi law enforcement.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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