Doha's World Cup joy overflows

We talk to people on the streets of Doha, the Qatari capital, after the Gulf country won its bid to host World Cup 2022.

    People from all walks of life came out in huge numbers to celebrate Qatar's winning bid [Najad Abdullahi]

    Qatar beat the United States, Australia, Japan and South Korea in its bid to stage the football World Cup in 2022. As Doha, its capital, erupted in celebration on Thursday, Paul Rhys spoke to some of the revelers.

    Atif Saeed, 43, Sudanese engineer who has lived in Qatar for 34 years
    Atif Saeed

    It is great that something is happening for the first time in the Middle East - we are all supporting it.

    When Sepp Blatter opened the envelope I had a strong feeling that it was going to be Qatar. I had a bet with my friend in America that it would be us, I am glad that we won it instead of them.

    Faisal al-Abdulla, 26, Qatari technician
    Faisal al-Abdulla

    Qatar is not a big country, so it's a great thing for everyone to come here and watch the matches.

    People will be able to watch many matches a day, where in other countries they will be able to only watch one. We welcome the whole world to Qatar.

    Abeer Rawhani, 23, Qatari lawyer

    I am so excited, but I was just scared that the envelope was going to say the Unites States. I have never felt this joy before, I am always patriotic but this was like nothing else.

    Ramez Rawhani, 16, Qatari student
    Ramez Rawhani

    Qatar is not a well-known country, but now everyone in the world is going to know about it.

    It is a historic event for Qatar and all Arab countries, and it will bring the Middle East close together.

    Carina Lawson, 30, Brazilian business analyst who has lived in Qatar for 20 years
    Carina Lawson

    It makes me really proud that my home away from home has achieved so much and will continue to blossom. My father is a professional football coach, and when he first came here in 1990 football was just taking baby steps.

    Now look at what they have achieved. I'm so grateful for everyone that has worked on this.

    Pamela Martinez, 29, analyst from Spain
    Pamela Martinez

    I feel that the world will react well to Qatar getting the World Cup, but in the beginning when they told me Qatar was bidding, I thought they are never going to get it. But their final presentation was by far the best.

    The only thing I am worried about is the rent going up in Doha.

    David Berth, 28, consultant from France
    David Berth 

    The next 12 years before the World Cup will be amazing, we are at the beginning of a great story.

    I am going to watch everything very closely and I hope to be here in 2022. But it is really incredible what they are going to do, the plan they have is amazing.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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