Maid abuse case hits Saudi Arabia

Sri Lankan says employers hammered nails into body for saying she was overworked.

    A Sri Lankan woman working as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia says she has been severely abused for complaining about being overworked.

    LT Ariyawathi's Saudi employers reportedly hammered 24 nails and needles into her hands, legs and forehead, which had to be removed later with surgery.
    Sri Lanka's government says it will report the incident to Saudi authorities. 
    Al Jazeera's Laura Kyle reports on a case that rights organisations say is all too common.

    Hussein Shobokshi, a columnist for Asharq Al-Awsat, the pan-Arab daily, told Al Jazeera that this "kind of story triggers the talk and debate to improve labour laws in the country.

    "It is an issue that has been discussed for quite some time now through the Sharia Council and Human Rights Commission.

    "You will soon see the ministry of labour, the Shariah Council and the Human Rights Commission jointly activate important rules and regulations in order to prevent such incidents from occurring again and punishing people who are responsible for it. 

    "Nowadays you hear the cases being brought to justice, you hear the issues being put out in the media. This is a novelty; it had not been the case in the past."

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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