Israeli fire kills Palestinian teen

Muhammad Qadus was apparently shot in the stomach by Israeli troops during a protest.

    The Israeli army claims the Palestinian boys were hurt by riot-control weapons rather than live fire [AFP]

    Live ammunition?

    The Israeli military said the soldiers did not fire live ammunition, but used riot control weapons such as teargas and rubber-coated bullets to disperse the Palestinians who were approaching a nearby Jewish settlement.

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    However, sources have told Al Jazeera that Qadus was shot and killed by two live bullets to his chest.

    The clashes also seriously injured another 16-year-old Palestinian boy, identified as Useid Abed an-Nasser Qadus, the cousin of the dead boy.

    Medical sources said was shot in the head and was transferred to a hospital for emergency surgery.

    An Israeli military spokesman insisted that both injured Palestinians were hurt by riot-control weapons rather than live fire.

    The spokesman said the incident came amid "a violent and illegal riot" near Iraq Burin, during which dozens of rock-hurling Palestinians approached Bracha, a nearby settlement.

    One "rock-hurler" was arrested, he added.

    Clashes take place in the village on a nearly weekly basis over a water well that Palestinians claim Jewish settlers are trying to seize for their own use.

    The fatality was the first during a string of clashesthat erupted this week following of Israel's consecration of an ancient synagogue in the Old City of Jerusalem and would likely increase tensions.

    The death has overshadowed a visit by Ban Ki-moon,the UN secretary-general, to the Palestinian territories to reiterate the commitment of the Quartet of Middle East negotiators' to an independent Palestinian state.

    The Quartet - which brings together the United Nations, the European Union, Russia and the US - had issued a statement condemning Israeli settlement building and calling for a peace deal by 2014 after a meeting in Moscow the previous day.

    Following Israel's announcement of 1,600 new housing unitsfor a development in East Jerusalem last week, the Palestinian Authority pulled out of planned "proximity" talks demanding a complete halt to settlement activity.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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