UAE divided on national day

Abu Dhabi and Dubai work on rebuilding financial ties on national day.

    Dubai's debt problems clouded national day celebrations in the United Arab Emirates where a shaken financial community is trying to solve its financial crisis.

    Dubai's request for a payment delay on $26 billion of debt owed by Dubai World exposed the frailties of "quasi-sovereign" lending as the country marked its 38th anniversary.

    The request has also provoked questions about whether Abu Dhabi, the oil-producing powerhouse of the seven-emirate federation, will rescue its ambitious neighbour.

    Dubai's government has made clear it will not guarantee the debts of Dubai World, the financial group which already has at least $60 billion in liabilities overall, including those of units not included in the restructuring.

    Al Jazeeras Dan Nolan reports on how the two cities work on rebuilding ties.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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