Iraq MP murder 'mastermind' held

Police say "al-Qaeda operative" is suspect in Sunni politician Harith al-Obaidi's killing.

     Al-Obaidi was killed at Shawaf mosque in Baghdad's Yarmuk neighbourhood on Friday [Reuters]

    "We prepared our forces, we raided the house, and we arrested the criminal Ahmed Abed Oweiyed."

    Jawad said Oweiyed was the deputy commander of al-Qaeda's military wing in Iraq.

    "Through intelligence efforts, we tracked down the criminal who masterminded the killing," he said.

    A teenage assailant shot dead al-Obaidi and his bodyguard in Shawaf mosque in the predominantly Sunni neighbourhood of Yarmuk after al-Obaidi had led worship on the weekly Muslim day of prayer.

    The assailant then killed three others and wounded 12 by throwing a grenade into a crowd, before killing himself.

    Obaidi, born in 1966, was deputy chairman of parliament's human rights committee and head of the biggest Sunni bloc in parliament, the National Concord Front.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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