Israel bombs Gaza tunnels

At least four people reportedly injured in air raids across Gaza Strip.

    The tunnels have been used by the Palestinians
    to bring in weapons and ammunition

    Mohyeldin said: "We have been able to confirm that within the last 90 minutes or so there has been a series of air strikes across the Gaza Strip mostly concentrated along the border between Egypt and Gaza in the town of Rafah; and there we understand were a series of air strikes - about five, according to sources."

    There were also four air strikes in Gaza city and northern parts of Gaza that targeted a workshop, including "a group of what is believed to be Palestinian fighters", he reported.

    Israel alleges that Hamas, a Palestinian faction, uses the tunnels to smuggle in weapons, explosives, rockets and ammunition.

    With Israel and Egypt enforcing a tight blockade on Gaza, smugglers use the tunnels to bring in other items like food, medicine and even livestock.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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