Palestinians killed in Israeli raid

Military says raid targeted fighters who fired anti-tank missile from across the Gaza border.

    An Israeli air raid targeted Islamic Jihad members in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday [AFP ]

    The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility and vowed to continue its attacks against Israel.

    "Our rockets and our resistance will not stop," Abu Ahmed, an official of the armed Palestinian group, said.

    Sporadic fighting

    Thursday's attack was the second targeting the territory in less than 24 hours by Israeli forces.

    A raid killed two Islamic Jihad members, including a field commander for the group, the previous day.
    While Egypt has been trying to broker a lasting ceasefire between the two sides, following Israel's 22-day offensive on Gaza, fighters have continued to carry out sporadic attacks.

    Israel has responded with air raids targeting suspected smuggling tunnels on the Gaza-Egypt border.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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