Yemen arrests six al-Qaeda suspects

Interior ministry says the detainees were plotting 10 attacks against Western targets.

    The security forces said they were in the process of hunting down other members of the cell [EPA]

    Hunting more suspects

    "The security forces are in the process of hunting down the other members of the cell. Their arrest is only a matter of time," he said.

    The official did not say where or when the six suspects were arrested.

    In the wake of the attacks on the South Koreans, Yemen said it was hunting for suspected members of Al-Qaeda said to be plotting new attacks.

    The interior ministry offered a reward to anyone who provides information about people "recruited by Al-Qaeda and preparing to commit acts of terror and sabotage in Yemen," the official Saba news agency reported.

    It appealed to the wanted men to surrender "before they commit acts which will harm the country's security and stability," and also warned those sheltering suspects that they would face prosecution.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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