News special: Gaza in Ruins

In a special newshour, Al Jazeera focuses on the the damage from the war.


    The Gaza Strip is a land in ruins, devastated by 22 days of Israeli assault and an ongoing siege.

    In this Al Jazeera news special from Gaza, correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin examines the human, physical and political cost of the war.

    Part 1


    Part one looks at how ordinary people are trying to rebuild their lives.

    It is almost a week since the end of this latest war, yet the death toll is still rising. Each day more bodies are found under the rubble.

    For the survivors, at least 100,000 now find themselves homeless.

    Part 2


    In part two, we examine damage to the infrastructure.

    At least 21,000 commercial, public and private buildings have been damaged or levelled - almost 1,000 for every day of the war.

    The cost of rebuilding is likely to run into billions of dollars, according to the UN.

    Part 3


    Part three explores the politics at play.

    The ultimate goal for the people of Gaza is to achieve an independent Palestinian state.

    We examine the main political players, and who could possibly unite the Palestinian factions in order to move forward.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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