Deadly blasts rock Iraqi capital

At least nine people killed in four separate bombings in Baghdad.

    Explosions still rock Baghdad despite an overall improvement in law and order [AFP]. 

    "This place has witnessed several bombings before and we fear that violence will come back after a period of quiet," Mohammed Nasir, a resident, said.

    In a second attack, a roadside bomb hit an Iraqi army lorry loaded with ammunition in the Yarmouk neighbourhood struck, killing three soldiers and injuring four civilians.

    Two other explosions targeting the security forces occurred in eastern Baghdad and in the central Karrada district where two civilians were killed and seven other people were wounded.

    Security take over

    Violence has dropped in Iraq over the past 18 months as bomb attacks have decreased across the country.

    However, local police forces are still being targeted as they take over more control of the security situation from the US.

    US troops are due to withdraw from Iraq by the end of 2011 as stated by the security pact between Washington and Baghdad.

    Also on Monday, the US military said that a soldier died the day before of a non-combat related injury near Samarra north of Baghdad.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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