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Blasts hit Iraqi city of Falluja

Car-bombings at police stations in western Iraq kill at least 10 people.

    Falluja is one of the main cities in the
    province of Anbar [AFP]

    Falluja is one of the main cities in Anbar province, which was the centre of the Sunni-led fight against US forces in the months following America's March 2003 invasion.

    Also on Thursday, two US soldiers were killed and nine Iraqi's wounded in a suicide car bombing in the northern city of Mosul.

    Elsewhere in northern Iraq, four fighters were killed and 32 detained in US operations targeting al-Qaeda in the north of the country, the US military said.

    The largest raid occurred in the disputed city of Kirkuk.

    US ground forces came under fire while surrounding a building where a targeted al-Qaeda courier was believed to be hiding and killed those firing at them, the military said.

    They also said that 16 other people suspected of links to al-Qaeda were detained in an earlier raid.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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