Israel closes off parts of Hebron

Media reports say order is part of preparations to evict Jewish settlers.

    Settler families have occupied a building they call the 'house of peace' since March 2007 [AFP]

    Clashes frequently occur between both sides due to the enclave in Hebron [AFP]
    Thirteen settler families, who have been facing eviction for 18 months, have vowed to resist an Israeli court order to leave the building in Hebron that they insist they bought from Palestinians.

    The settler families have occupied the building, which they call the "house of peace", since March 2007.

    The order was issued after a day of violence in Hebron, in which 20 Palestinians and 18 Israelis were injured, according to the Israeli media.

    Settlers and Palestinians on Monday threw stones at each other, at least two cars belonging to Palestinians were set ablaze in what the Israeli army described as a "riot" and graves at a Muslim cemetery were desecrated.

    Clashes frequently occur between both sides because of a settler enclave established in the heart of Hebron and a further 6,500-strong settlement living in Kiryat Arba on the outskirts of the city.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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