Gaza fuel smuggling hits Egypt

Agricultural work restricted due to theft of fuel from Sinai, authorities say.

    The smuggling of fuel to Gaza is commonplace amid Israeli restrictions on access to the territory [AFP] 

    Over the past month, the authorities in northern Sinai have imposed a ban on the sale of fuel in jerry cans, except for agricultural purposes.

    Petrol stations have also been instructed to close overnight.

    Almost 170,000 litres of fuel that was being bound for Gaza to be sold on the black market was seized last week by Sinai authorities, officials have said.

    Israel has said that the crossing point between Gaza and Israel will remain sealed, despite calls from the United Nations and human rights organisations to restore access so that Gazans can receive essential supplies.

    About 1.5 million Palestinians are experiencing food shortages and power cuts since the crossings were closed on November 5.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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