Iraqi attacker targets US allies

Female suicide bomber kills US-allied neighbourhood patrol in Baquba.

    Baquba has seen several attacks by female bombers in recent weeks [AFP]

    The attack comes as the US-backed Iraqi military prepares to expand operations in the province.

    Other violence

    Earlier on Thursday, attackers killed three local council members in drive-by shootings targeting checkpoints in the Sunni neighbourhood of Azamiyah in northern Baghdad.

    In the northern city of Kirkuk, the teenage son of a US-sponsored newspaper editor was killed by what police said might have been a sniper attack aimed at a passing US patrol.

    And in Zafaraniyah, a predominantly Shia neighbourhood in Baghdad, Abdul-Rahman Dawood, a leading figure in the prime minister's Dawa party, was wounded in a bomb explosion near his house.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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