Iran test-fires more missiles

Reports come a day after Tehran tested nine missiles, heightening regional tensions.

    The US says it has enhanced its security presence in the Gulf [GALLO/GETTY]

    State TV said that the war games also included the firing of a torpedo that Iran unveiled in 2006 and had described as a super-fast weapon capable of hitting enemy submarines.

    More "longer and medium range missiles were fired" in night-time exercises, it said.

    Rising tensions

    The latest tests come a day after Tehran test fired nine missiles, including a new version of the long range Shahab-3 missile which put Israel within Iranian striking range.

    The US condemned Wednesday's tests and held Tehran responsible for rising tensions in the region.

    Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, on Thursday said that her country has enhanced its security presence in the Gulf and would not hesitate to defend itself or allies in the region.

    She added that it is time for Iran to "get on the right side of the international community. It ought to be talking about that, not about threats against America or threats against America's allies because frankly it's not going to do them any good," she said.

    The US accuses Iran of covertly seeking to develop nuclear weapons, a charge that Tehran vehemently denies. Iran says its nuclear programme is aimed at peaceful civilian purposes.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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