Israeli aide hit by Gaza gunfire

Head of internal security ministers' office is shot at as he tours observation post.

    Dangerous to know: two of Dichter's aides have
    been hurt in recent weeks [EPA]

    Israel Radio said Dichter and Gil had taken a group of Canadian Jews to the overlook near the town of Sderot to familiarise them with the situation in southern Israeli communities bordering Gaza, which have come under frequent Palestinian rocket fire.
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    A member of the group told Israel Radio that while Dichter was speaking, a volley of gunfire burst forth for about 30 seconds, wounding Gil.
    Israeli troops immediately returned fire and army radio reported that tanks and bulldozers entered Gaza after the shooting.
    This was the second time in recent weeks that an aide to Dichter has been hurt in a Palestinian attack.
    In late February, a Dichter bodyguard was lightly wounded in a rocket attack on southern Israel as he prepared for the minister to visit.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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