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Foreign labourers arrested in UAE

Police say more than 600 construction workers held after violent protests.

    Rights groups say Gulf governments should do more to assist migrant labourers [GALLO/GETTY]

    Four policemen and three workers were hospitalised after suffering minor injuries.

    Local media said the protesters included Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Afghan labourers employed by a building firm called Tiger Contracting.

    While low wages was not confirmed as the sole reason for the protests, a labour ministry official said the company had increased monthly wages in February from $204 to $231.

    Many construction workers in the Gulf region often complain of poor working and living conditions.

    They have also been hit hard by the weakening of the US dollar - to which the majority of Gulf currencies are pegged - which in effect reduces the value of the money they send back to their home countries.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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