Iraq hit by further violence

Suicide attack in Dhuluiya and roadside blast near Nasiriyah kills many.

    More attacks
    In a separate incident during the day, at least eight people were killed when a suicide bomber rammed his explosives-laden car into a checkpoint manned by Iraqi soldiers and a local group.
    Colonel Mohammed Khalid, the local police officer said: "The suicide attack took place in Dhuluiya, 70 km from north of Baghdad, in Salaheddin province, at around 3:15pm (1215 GMT)."
    US bases are now located inside Iraqi neighbourhood and more US soldiers are getting out of their armoured vehicles to patrol Baghdad on foot, as a part of the military's strategy.
    While the face-to-face contact builds goodwill, it also gives suicide bombers, who slip by vehicle security checkpoints simply by walking, a better access to striking soldiers.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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