Adviser to Palestinian PM abducted

Armed men take Fatah loyalist from house in Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

    Several people were injured in an explosion at a funeral procession in Gaza City [AFP] 
    Al-Ghoul was in Gaza to attend the funeral of his mother-in law.
    He writes columns for local newspapers and has frequently criticised Hamas.
    Also on Friday, two people died in an explosion at a funeral procession in Gaza City, hospital officials told the Associated Press.
    Thirty people were also injured in the blast during the funeral of a Fatah member, who died in an Israeli air raid on Thursday.
    The source of the blast was unknown but Hamas security officials said someone at the funeral threw a pipebomb at the edges of the procession, which then bounced back into the crowd.
    Gunfire and the setting off of fireworks are common forms of commemoration at funerals in Gaza.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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