Blasts cause carnage in Baghdad

At least 12 people are killed and scores injured in a spate of bomb attacks.

    A car bomb in Bab al-Muazzam district
    killed nine people and wounded 31 [AFP]
    In southeast Baghdad, at least one civilian was killed and eight people were injured by another roadside bomb.
    A truck was struck by the bomb in the early morning attack.
    A third attack consisted of two co-ordinated explosions in the al Waziriyah district of northern Baghdad, police said.
    The first explosion injured two civilians and a second killed one soldier and wounded six others, as they arrived at the scene.
    The bombings follow a relative lull in attacks in the Irali capital in recent months, after a US troop "surge".
    All types of attacks in Iraq have dropped by 55 per cent since the "surge" became fully operational in June, Gregory Smith, the US military spokesman, said.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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