Deaths as Baghdad pet market bombed

Bomb attack at pet market leaves people dead and dozens injured.

    The blast comes amid a downturn in violence [Reuters]
    Powerful blast

    An interior ministry official said some those killed and wounded in the bombing were also transferred to Medical City, another major hospital in Baghdad.

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    "Iraq is still under foreign occupation and Iraqis continue to die in great numbers"

    albaghawy, Luxembourg

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    The blast is the second powerful bomb attack in Baghdad this week.
    Nine people were killed and 20 injured when a car bomb exploded in Baghdad's Karrada neighbourhood on Sunday.

    The Ghazl market, located in the neighbourhood of Al-Jhumuri, has been struck by bombs several times.

    Birds, dogs, cats, sheep, goats are sold at the market, as well as snakes and monkeys.

    The main attraction is the bird market with has a vast array of birds, including rare species smuggled in from Brazil and Africa.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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