Israel told to justify Gaza embargo

Supreme court gives government five days to make a case for its sanctions regime.

    Rights groups call the sanctions "illegal"
    collective punishment [EPA]

    Menachem Mazuz, Israel's attorney general, will also review a decision taken by Ehud Barak, the defence minister, to enforce periodic electricity cuts on the Gaza Strip, his office said.
    Israel began restricting fuel shipments to the strip on Sunday, as part of a series of sanctions in the face of Palestinian rocket attacks.
    The move comes after Israel declared the territory, run by Hamas since June, a "hostile entity" on September 19, paving the way for further sanctions and restrictions.
    Gaza is entirely dependent on Israel for trade and following the Hamas takeover, Israel and Egypt closed their borders with Gaza.
    Israel allows only basic items, such as food and medicine, into the territory.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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