Palestinian dies in Israel air raid

Fighter from Hamas armed wing killed and five people injured in Gaza's Beit Hanoun.

    At least 33 Palestinians have been killed last month as the army continue to launch operations [AP]
    "There was an attack against a launching cell," an Israeli army spokesman said.

    "They launched a mortar shell, and after they launched we attacked, and identified a hit."

    'Still under occupation'

    Al Jazeera's Hiba Akila in Gaza said that the Israeli army frequently bombs any object or person that moves in areas near the borders with the Gaza Strip.

    Akila said: "Human rights organizations believe that despite the Israeli army's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, it is still under occupation due to the ongoing operations and raids against its citizens."

    In recent months, Israel has carried out near-daily air and ground raids in the Gaza Strip attacking those it accuses of firing mortars and homemade rockets into Israeli territory.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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