Deadly blasts target Iraqi sect

Multiple bomb attacks near Mosul kill at least 175 members of minority Yazidi sect.

    The have been a frequent target of violence in northern Iraq.
    Several shops were set ablaze and apartment buildings were destroyed by Tuesday's explosions.
    At least one attacker was driving an explosives-laden fuel truck, but police could not immediately provide more details about the other two blasts.
    Kirkuk killings
    The bodies of two Yazidi men who had been stoned to death were also found in the northern city of Kirkuk on Tuesday, police said.
    They had been kidnapped while they were travelling to Baghdad to sell olives.
    Police Brigadier-General Sarhat Qadir said Akbar Hassan and Ayad Khadir had been kidnapped by al-Qaeda-linked fighters
    They took them to the predominantly Sunni village of al-Saeeda and ordered the residents to stone them because they were "infidels", police said.
    The villagers refused, so the fighters killed the men themselves, Qadir said.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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