US Black Hawk crashes in Iraq

All 14 people on board the helicopter are killed.

    Baiji attack
    In a separate development, a suicide bomber has killed at least 20 people and wounded 80 after ramming his explosives-laden truck into a police station in the northern town of Baiji.
    Saad Noori, a police captain, said the police station that was targeted was in the centre of a market in in the town, 200km north of Baghdad.
    Noori said: "A big part of the police station has collapsed and lots of shops are damaged."
    Saad Jasim, a doctor at Baiji's general hospital, confirmed the attack and said his medical facility had received 20 bodies of people killed in the blast.
    He said most of the wounded were civilians and included four children and five women.
    Jasim said: "The toll is expected to rise as many people are trapped in the debris of the police station."
    The oil refining town has regularly witnessed bomb attacks and the kidnapping of truck drivers transporting fuel products from the town to other parts of the country.
    In a similar attack on June 24, 15 people were killed when a suicide bomber ploughed an oil tanker packed with explosives into the town's police headquarters.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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