Israel targeting Islamic Jihad

Local leader of group killed in the West Bank city of Jenin.

    Islamic Jihad opposes the Palestinian president's efforts to revive the peace process with Israel [AP]
    Further details about casualties were not given, but she had said that two assault rifles and ammunition clips were found in the vehicle.

    Boy shot dead

    On Friday, an Arab-Israeli boy and a Palestinian fighter were shot dead during an exchange of fire between Israeli security forces and Islamic Jihad fighters in the West Bank.
    Mahmoud Karnawi, 13, was visiting a relative, an Islamic Jihad fighter in Seida, near Tulkarem, when Israeli forces encircled the house they were in on Friday, sources said.

    Tariq Mulhem, another 24-year-old Islamic Jihad fighter, was killed and Karnawi's relative was arrested during the Israeli raid.

    In the West Bank raid, neighbours said Karnawi was inside the house at the time of the shooting and was hit in the crossfire.
    His relatives had said that he lived in Israel with his parents, and that his mother is a divorced Palestinian woman who is now married to an Arab-Israeli.
    The raid was carried out to arrest Islamic Jihad fighters, the military said. 
    An army spokeswoman said Israeli forces found two Kalashnikov rifles, military vests and ammunition during the West Bank raid.

    Israel has recently stopped pursuing a list of 178 Fatah fighters in the West Bank, but it has carried on targeting Islamic Jihad, a group that opposes Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president's efforts to revive the peace process with Israel.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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