Six US soldiers killed in Iraq

US army announces more casualties as car bomb blast kills 22 in northern Iraq.

    US troops have failed to crush
    armed opponents[AFP]
    So far this month 20 soldiers have been killed, half of them in Baghdad, with a total of nearly 3,600 US soldiers killed in the conflict.
    Suicide blast

    At least 22 people were  killed on Saturday when an attacker detonated a suicide truck bomb in a northern Iraqi village market, bringing down nearby houses, a police commander said.


    Enforcing security is proving
    to be difficult [AFP]

    Lieutenant Colonel Hussein Ali Rasheed, deputy chief of police in the northern town of Tuz Khurmatu, said the blast had devastated the heart of Emerli, a small community from Iraq's Shia Turkoman minority.


    "There are around 40 wounded. Some of the houses collapsed on  people, and more may be trapped inside," Captain Nuzad Abdallah, another officer, said.


    Mortar attack
    Overnight, a mortar killed seven members of a family in Baghdad as they slept on their roof, police said.
    Constant power outages force Iraqis to often sleep on the roof of their homes to try and escape sweltering summer temperatures inside.
    Police said the mortar bomb that killed seven family members in the mostly Sunni neighbourhood of Fadhil in central Baghdad also wounded two neighbours.
    A resident who lives near the area said clashes broke out after the attack.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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