Man killed by Beirut warehouse bomb

Police say the explosion is caused by a car bomb in the Christian industrial area.

    It is not known who is responsible for
    the explosion in Zouk Mosbeh [Reuters]

    Lebanese soldiers and firefighters attended at least one large fire that was started by the blast. A building was badly damaged and several cars destroyed.


    Four explosions have struck the Beirut area since May 20, when Lebanese troops and fighters from Fatah al-Islam first started to clash in a Palestinian refugee camp, Nahr al-Bared, in north Lebanon.


    Lebanese security forces found three cars rigged with bombs in east Lebanon on Thursday, a day after three people possessing arms and explosives were arrested on suspicion that they were linked to al-Qaeda, Lebanese security sources said.


    The security forces entered the Bar Ilyas village in the Bekaa valley in east Lebanon after the suspects admitted booby-trapping the cars.


    SOURCE: Agencies


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