Dozens killed in Iraq bombings

Separate double-bomb attacks come amid bloody raid on Diyala police officer's home.

    Two car bombs exploded in the southern town
    of Qurna near Basra on Friday [AFP]

    A suicide bomber detonated his explosives inside al-Thikalain Husseiniyah shrine in the town of Dakuk, south of Kirkuk, at around 2pm (1000 GMT).


    At about the same time, a car bomb exploded outside the building.


    Major-General Torhan Yussef, chief of Kirkuk police, said the victims included five members of a family living near the mosque.


    Dr Azad Mahmud from Kirkuk General Hospital confirmed the toll and said that 11 of the wounded were in serious condition.


    Dakuk is a town largely inhabited by Turkmen Shias.

    Second attack

    At least 16 people were killed in
    Friday's Kirkuk bombings [AFP]

    Friday's second dual attack targeted the town of Tis al-Qurna, just north of Basra where British troops are based.


    Police and medical officials said the explosions - a bomb in a minibus at a bus station and a car bomb in a market - rocked the town at around 7:30am (0330 GMT).


    "First, a minibus exploded at a bus station in al-Qurna and around the same time another car bomb exploded in a market in the town," said First Lieutenant Imad Abdul Wahid of the Qurna police.

    A medic in the town's local hospital confirmed the attacks.

    Dr Mohammed Nawruz of Qurna hospital said: "We received 16 killed and 32 wounded, including many women and  children from both attacks."


    Police officer seized
    The third violent incident of Friday - a raid on the home of a senior police officer - took place in the province of Diyala.

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    Armed men attacked the house of Colonel Ali Delyan Ahmed, head of police in Baquba, killing his wife, two brothers and 12 bodyguards.
    Ahmed's children were also seized during the raid.

    It was not clear if he was at his house at the time of the attack.


    Diyala, a mainly Sunni Arab province with significant Shia and Kurdish populations, has seen some of the worst violence in Iraq since the US-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003.
    Also on Friday morning, unknown fighters speeding by in the northern city of Kirkuk shot and killed Adnan Mahmoud, a soldier, as he drove with his two-year-old daughter, who also died in the firing, police said.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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