Egypt outlaws female circumcision

Legal loophole that allowed practice for health reasons is eliminated.

    About 97 per cent of Egypt's women have
    undergone circumcision 

    'Loophole' closed

    The health ministry's step cancelled a 1996 provision to the law which had permitted circumcision "in situations of illness" should doctors advise it.

    The measure to outlaw the practice entirely came after a girl died while undergoing the procedure at a private medical clinic last week.


    Budour Ahmed Shaker died in the southern province of Minya, south of Cairo, after she was given a heavy dose of anaesthetic, security sources said.


    She had been taken to the clinic by her mother but died before she could be transferred to a hospital.


    The practice, which affects both Muslim and Christian women in Egypt, is believed to have begun in the time of the pharoahs.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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