Exclusive footage of Nahr al-Bared

First pictures inside the refugee camp being shelled in northern Lebanon.

    Sources inside the camp say
    it is civilians who are being hit

    Inside Nahr al-Bared


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    Jazeera's exclusive pictures

    "Around five women were lying outside because their home was destroyed," he said.

    "It was not like you see on TV, it was very hard."

    Walid Abdullah, a nurse taking care of casualties in the camp, said the situation was disastrous.

    He said the bombardment from the army was targeting civilians and that three mosques were hit.

    Abdullah said bodies were piling up in the streets and that there was a threat of disease.

    "Many dead bodies are lying on the streets," he said. "They are bloated and smelling and there is a threat of epidemics."

    He said there was no effort being made to recover the bodies and there were insufficient supplies to deal with the situation.

    "The wounded have not been cleared ... since last night no rescue operations have taken place."

    Abdullah said the water and power supplies had been cut and there were a large number of civilians, about 100 people, who urgently needed evacuating from the camp.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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