US confirms Iraq body is of soldier

Corpse is that of one of the three soldiers ambushed two weeks ago.

    US troops were searching for two other soldiers captured in an ambush [AFP]

    Anzack went missing with two comrades after their patrol was ambushed on May 12 in Mahmudiya in the "Triangle of Death", an anti-government stronghold south of Baghdad.

    Four US soldiers and an Iraqi translator were killed.

    DNA tests

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    The Iraqi police handed over his remains to the US military which performed DNA tests to confirm his identity.

    Aberle said: "The search continues for our other two missing service members and we will continue to search until we find them."

    Thousands of US and Iraqi soldiers have been scouring farmland for the missing soldiers.

    An al-Qaeda-linked group has claimed responsibility for the attack but offered no proof that it held the three missing soldiers.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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