Illnesses after Israel anthrax test

Troops reportedly suffered tumours and infections after anthrax vaccine programme.

    Thousands of Iraqi Kurds died when Saddam Hussein's military used chemical weapons against them [AFP]
    Deadly disease
    He told Israel Radio that the vaccine programme had been ordered amid fears of an anthrax attack by Saddam Hussein, the former Iraqi president, and because foreign-made vaccines were not available.

    "It seemed clear that the Iraqis would use it [anthrax] against us," he said.

    "It is not possible to buy abroad a large quantity of vaccine, which exists only in the United States or in England.

    "Therefore the state of Israel had to develop its own vaccine."

    Anthrax is a deadly bacterial disease and its spores can be used in germ warfare to infect victims.

    Israel's defence ministry said in a response to the programme that the military had conducted "research in the context of protecting the state of Israel's populace against a strategic threat".

    The United States has long required that its troops serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and South Korea be vaccinated against anthrax.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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