Israel strikes near Haniya's home

Air attack near Palestinian PM's house follows arrest of 33 senior Hamas members.

    The Hamas-linked Executive Force has vacated buildings across Gaza after the latest raid [AFP]
    Late on Thursday, Israeli aircraft hit several more targets in southern Gaza, three from Hamas and one from Islamic Jihad, the Israeli military said.
    Nine people were hurt, including three children and two women, Palestinian hospital officials said.
    Haniya's home
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    Just before midnight, an Israeli aircraft fired a missile at a tin shack in the Shati refugee camp near Haniya's home.
    Palestinian security officials said the shack was where Haniya's guards slept, but it was empty and no one was hurt.


    Haniya went to inspect the site, but guards pulled him away because Israeli aircraft were still in the sky, officials said.
    Thursday began with Israeli fighter jets hitting what the military said were money-changing offices and other businesses in Gaza channelling funds to Hamas.
    Three people were slightly wounded in one of the attacks, medical officials said, and four stores were damaged in another, Palestinian security officials said.
    Electricity was cut off in parts of the town.
    On Thursday afternoon, missiles reduced another Hamas base to rubble. No one was killed, but six people were slightly injured.
    Israel has pounded Hamas targets in Gaza for more than a week after a sharp increase of rocket attacks from the coastal strip.
    The air raids have so far killed 13 civilians and 25 Palestinian fighters.
    Nearly 130 rockets have hit Israel over the past 10 days, killing one woman, wounding 16 people, and sending hundreds fleeing the southern town of Sderot that has borne the brunt of the attacks.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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