Iraqi newscaster attacked

Leading Iraqi reporter wounded after being shot outside her Baghdad home.

    Amal is being treated in a Baghdad
    hospital for gunshot wounds [AFP]



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    A series of massive explosions was heard at dawn from southwestern districts where Iraqi officials said a US operation was under way in support of the city's so-called security surge.


    Also on Sunday, US forces fired an artillery barrage at targets in Baghdad while Iraqi rescuers scoured wreckage for the victims of another car bomb that left more than 70 dead in Kerbala a day earlier.

    A series of massive explosions was heard at dawn from southwestern districts where Iraqi officials said a US operation was under way in support of the city's so-called security surge.
    The toll from Saturday's suicide bombing near a revered shrine in Karbala rose to 71 overnight as dozens of victims were cramped in hospital wards together with 178 others who were wounded.
    The US military said it detained 72 suspects linked to the al-Qaeda network in a series of raids on Sunday in the provinces of al-Anbar and Salah al-Din, the biggest daily tally of detentions in many weeks.
    Iraq remains the most dangerous country for journalists, according to the Vienna-based International Press Institute.
    The institute said last year 46 mostly Iraqi journalists were killed in bombings, abductions and drive-by shootings, twice the toll in 2005.
    Amal, who hosted the "Good Morning Iraq" radio call-in show, is the latest victim of attacks aimed at the station.
    She also did the voiceover for a weekly television show called "10 Minutes" which aired odd news items from around the world during the reign of Saddam Hussein, the former president.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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