Scores die in Iraq bomb attacks

Tal Afar, on the Syria border, comes under attack for the second time in three days.

    Mortar rounds struck the Dora neighbourhood of southern Baghdad on Tuesday [AFP]

    Soldiers waved one of the vehicles through into al-Wahaeda district of Tal Afar when they saw it was laden with food supplies, after a one-week shortage.
    The driver then blew up the vehicle, Ali Abboud, a doctor at the hospital treating the wounded, said.
    The other bombing took place in a parking space around the same time, Jbouri said.


    George Bush, the US president, last year held up Tal Afar as a model for US-led efforts to create a stable Iraq.


    Anbar attack

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    At least 17 people have been killed and dozens wounded after a suicide car bomb exploded outside a restaurant used by Iraqi police on a main road north of Ramadi.
    A high-ranking police officer was reported to be among several policemen killed and wounded in the blast.
    The blast, the latest in a string of such attacks in the western province of Anbar in recent months, struck an area where local tribes have been opposing al-Qaeda in Iraq.
    Two suicide car bombs also exploded near the home of a tribal leader in the Abu Ghraib district west of Baghdad, killing the man's son and several other people, a provincial official said.
    Apparent target
    Sheikh Thahir al-Dari, whose home was the apparent target, is the head of al-Zobaie tribe and belongs to a group opposed to al-Qaeda in Iraq.
    Ahmed al-Dulaimi, head of the provincial council media office in Anbar, said the sheikh's son was killed in Tuesday's double car bombing and there were several more casualties.

    Salam al-Zobaie, Iraq's deputy prime minister, belongs to al-Dari's tribe.


    The deputy prime minister survived an assassination bid last week.


    Al-Zobaie was wounded in the attack at his home in Baghdad.


    An aide said the suicide bomber was one of his own guards.


    More violence

    Mortar rounds slammed into a Shia area in Baghdad on Tuesday, killing at least four people and wounding 14, while sectarian clashes erupted for a fourth consecutive day south of the capital.

    The mortar attack occurred in Abu Dasheer, a Shia enclave in the Sunni-dominated Dora neighbourhood in southern Baghdad. Police said those killed included two children, a woman and a man.


    A truck carrying supplies for US forces 
    was attacked in western Baghdad [EPA

    In Iskandariyah, 50km south of Baghdad, suspected Shia fighters broke into a Sunni mosque and planted explosives that damaged the gate and a fence, the police said.


    Clashes broke out about an hour later, leaving four Sunni fighters and one Shia fighter wounded.


    The clashes were followed by a mortar attack on a nearby Shia mosque.


    The rounds landed in a courtyard and did not damage the mosque, although a pedestrian was wounded.


    A Shia man and his three sons also were wounded when a mortar round struck their house in Haswa, about 5km east of Iskandariyah.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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