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Iran 'to limit IAEA co-operation'

Iran says it will no longer issue reports on the progress of its nuclear programme.

    The UN security council voted unanimously
    to impose sanctions on Iran [AFP]

    "The government in a cabinet meeting today decided to suspend code 1-3 of minor arrangements of the safeguards."
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    "If we halt our nuclear programme, it will cost us more than any sanctions" 

    Hesam, Tehran, Iran

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    He was referring to the part of the International Atomic Energy Agency's code which specifies that countries should inform the agency of any new steps and decisions made in its nuclear programme.
    He said Iran would only reconsider this decision if its nuclear case was returned to the IAEA from the UN Security Council where the file is now being handled.
    "This will continue until Iran's nuclear case is referred back to the IAEA from the UN Security Council," he said.
    Security Council vote
    The UN Security Council voted unanimously on Saturday to impose additional penalties on Iran for its nuclear ambitions by targeting Tehran's arms exports, a state-owned bank and the elite Revolutionary Guards.
    Limited sanctions were initially imposed on Iran in December after it refused to halt uranium enrichment, a process which can be used to make power station fuel or material for warheads, which is what the West believes is Iran's ultimate goal.
    Iran, the world's fourth largest oil exporter, says it wants only to generate electricity and to preserve its huge oil and gas reserves for export.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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