Lebanese group seeks common ground

March 11 movement says it is giving a voice to those who want a united Lebanon.

    The slogan of the March 11 movement is:
    "We want to live together"

    Political rivals in Lebanon apppear to be as divided as ever ahead of the second anniversary of the assassination of Rafiq al-Hariri, the former Lebanese prime minister.

    Supporters of the government of Fuad Siniora, the prime minister, have called for a mass rally at al-Hariri's grave on Wednesday as part of a show of strength to counter more than two months of opposition protests calling for the government's resignation.

    Al Jazeera went to meet a group of volunteers who say they want to give a voice to the thousands of Lebanese who do not support either side and want a united Lebanon.

    The March 11 movement includes members from various religious sects, many of them bussinessmen and young people, who all insist that the group is not a political party and does not have a political platform. 

    Merhi Abu Merhi, the founder of the movement, told Al Jazeera: "Many Lebanese are sick of the situation. We don't believe that any side in the political conflict is wrong, they just see things differently and should sit down and talk and find a common ground."

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    "Even with the entire world on his side, Siniora will lose if he hasn't got the Lebanese on his side"

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    Although it is just a few weeks old, the movement has already received many messages of support.

    Najat Khaddoura, a volunteer with March 11, told Al Jazeera: "... they want someone to talk loud and shout what we have been shouting, to stop everything."

    The country's divisions are highlighted by the name of the movement.

    March 11 is halfway between the opposition bloc known as March 8 camp, after a Hezbollah-led opposition rally held on that day in 2005 in support of Syrian intervention in the country, and the March 14 force which supports the government. March 14 was the date of another rally, this time calling for an end to Syrian domination over Lebanese politics.

    As people's fears of a return to civil war in Lebanon increase, March 11 is calling on the two sides to talk to each other.

    The group's slogan is "We want to live together."

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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