Israeli Muslim leader investigated

Sheikh Raed Salah to be investigated for 'incitement to violence', police say.

    Salah has said Israeli excavations could cause the collapse of Al-Aqsa mosque [AFP]

    Israel's Haaretz newspaper also quoted Salah as saying: "[Israel] wants to build their temple while our blood is on their clothing, on their doorposts, in their food and in their water."
    Threat to foundations
    A Jerusalem court earlier this month banned Salah from coming within 150m of the Old City walls for two months, after finding him guilty of participating in a banned demonstration against the work.
    Israel announced last week it would freeze plans to build the new walkway and accepted an offer by a Turkish team to inspect the dig.
    Muslims say that Israel's work could damage the foundations of parts of the Al-Aqsa compound. 
    Israel captured the Old City and the rest of Arab east Jerusalem in the 1967 Middle East war and annexed the area as its capital in a move not recognised internationally.
    Palestinians want east Jerusalem to be the capital of a state they hope to establish in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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