Lebanon: Army to use seized weapons

Hezbollah reiterates demand for return of ammunitions destined for its fighters.

    Lebanon's defence minister says the seized truckload of ammunition came from within the country [AFP]

    Murr told Graziano that "the Lebanese army deployed in southern Lebanon has orders to confront Israeli forces in case of any new violation" of Lebanese sovereignty.
    He said that the truckload of ammunition came from within Lebanon.
    "Not even a mosquito" could cross the Syrian-Lebanese border, Murr said in reference to allegations of Syrian assistance to Hezbollah.
    Hezbollah demand
    Mohamad Yazbeck, a senior Hezbollah official, reiterated on Friday that the seized truck was carrying munitions destined for his group's fighters and asked for the weaponry to be returned.
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    "Even with the entire world on his side, Siniora will lose if he hasn't got the Lebanese on his side"

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    At Friday prayers in the eastern city of Baalbek, Yazbeck said: "The security and judicial authorities should return the truck which was carrying arms for the resistance from the (eastern) Bekaa to the south.
    He said "the resistance did not breach any agreement by transporting these arms ... in line with the 'ministerial declaration'" of Fouad Siniora, Lebanon's prime minister, which recognised the right to resist Israeli occupation.
    In a televised interview late on Thursday, Murr had said he would have liked to see Hezbollah offer the shipment to the Lebanese army.
    Lebanese and Israeli troops clashed across the border on Wednesday for the first time since last year's war. The incident was sparked by Israeli sappers moving towards the border to clear unexploded ordnance.
    Ban Ki-Moon, the UN secretary-general, called for restraint, saying the clashes breached the ceasefire that ended the conflict.
    UN Security Council resolutions have called for the disarming of all groups in Lebanon.
    Hezbollah's Yazbeck said: "We are still in a confrontation with the enemy which continues to occupy parts of our land and continues to hold Lebanese detainees."

    SOURCE: Agencies


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