Explosives found on Beirut street

Second find this week raises fears of increased violence in Lebanon.

    The find is the second this week [EPA]
    Police were called in and traffic was blocked as explosives experts examined the box.
    The finds have intensified fears that a political stand-off between the government and opposition could spill over into wider violence.
    Eight people were killed after violence erupted following protests and strikes led by the opposition, who have demanded a veto in government and fresh elections.
    On February 13, two bombs exploded on buses on a busy commuter mountain road in a Christian area northeast of Beirut, killing three passengers and injuring 20 others.
    A number of prominent Lebanese have been targeted in a series of bomb and gun attacks over the last two years.
    The biggest was a suicide truck bombing that killed former premier Rafiq Hariri in February 2005.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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