Court rejects Sadat killer appeal

Organiser of assassination of former Egyptian president remains in prison.

    Al-Zumour has spent 25 years in prison [Reuters]

    Arriving at the court, he told Al Jazeera: "The Egyptian judiciary is not independent. I am here to demand my freedom."
    Nizar Ghorab, Aboud's lawyer said the administrative court had previously decided it didn't have the right jurisdiction to consider similar cases.
    "We'll wait to know the reasons behind today's verdict before we decide our next legal move."
    Islamic Jihad said they killed Sadat because of the Camp David peace treaty with Israel.
    In the late 1990s, most of their leaders declared a unilateral truce with the government saying they reject the use of violence.
    They were released apart from Al-Zumour and his cousin Tareq who accepted the truce but never agreed to the way the government
    negotiated with them.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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